KLH Audio Systems came out with a new product line of small, high quality speakers, bass and amplifier — Soundbites. It was a product designed to fit anywhere and everywhere in the home. The speakers had different skins to decorate them and they could be used everywhere from home theatre to amping up the gargage. They wanted a jazzy in-store multimedia presentation to help sell the product for “every room in the house.”

As Digital VooDoo, I pulled together a team of artists and we produced a self-running CD-ROM which played in store kiosks at Circuit City, Best Buy and other electronic store chains. I wrote the script, produced the project and co-authored the final CD in Adobe Director.

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Soundbites DemoSoundbites DemoSoundbites DemoSoundbites DemoSoundbites Storyboard | Frank SicilianoSoundbites Storyboard | Frank Siciliano