Pictures Project

While working at ICM, we had the idea to take famous photographs and put them to music. It was to be a subscription service in celebration of the 150th Anniversary of photography. The power of still photography to capture a moment in time, evoke emotion and tell a story is immense.

The Last Train Home | Lisa Dee Video EditorNorthern Ireland | Lisa Dee Video Editor

We felt the best way to share these images was a monthly DVD subscription service. We partnered with Magnum Photos in New York for the rights to several series of images. I produced and edited a test group of 3-4 photographic stories, titled Pictures. Two of those stories are below. Click to play.

“The Last Train Home” — photography by Cornell Capa and Paul Fusco. Music by Dion, “Abraham, Martin and John”.


Northern Ireland” — photography by Stuart Franklin and Chris Steele-Perkins. Music by Clannad, “Caislean Oir”.